Abu Dhabi likes to tell the whole world how green it is – but how green is it really? In the absence of a proper waste management system I’ve spent the last few years diligently separating my paper, plastic, tins, cans and recently glass – for recycling. No there are no door to door collections, so I’ve risked stinking out my car and taking my separated waste to the Spinneys car park recycling cage.

But now the only recycling place in Abu Dhabi where households could take their waste is no more! so where did it go? My husband asked and apparently something happened to the old one (?! yes, I know!) and they’re going to replace it. But we went again this weekend and no sign of any activity.

So with our kitchen overflowing, my husband took the paper/ cardboard (which he is now also collecting from his work) to a recycling ‘centre’ of sorts behind the Millennium Hotel on Khalifa St. Don’t know what actually happens to it from there, or even if we can use it.

So anyone out there know of alternatives in Abu Dhabi and anyone in the ‘know’ as to why the Spinneys recycling cage disappeared?