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Over 100,000 people around the world tell Nestlé: no more palm oil from rainforest destruction.
Thank you! Your actions have joined those of thousands of people worldwide who are demanding global food giant, Nestlé, stop using palm oil from rainforest destruction.
Last week we revealed that palm oil from trashed rainforest was ending up in some of the world’s favourite chocolate bars from the world’s largest food and beverage company, Nestlé. The result – over 100,000 people from around the world emailed Nestlé’s international CEO demanding they stop the destruction of Indonesian rainforests for palm oil, stop pushing orang-utans toward extinction and stop contributing so catastrophically to climate change.
Incredibly, even after Nestle tried to ban our “Have a break?” video on YouTube, more than 750,000 people have viewed it. Many of them helped us spread the word by sharing the video, stopping Nestlé from hiding this awful truth.
Now’s the time to up the ante:
Nestlé need to take action now to protect endangered orang-utans, protect Indonesian rainforests and peatlands, and protect our future from runaway climate change. Nestlé is starting to respond to your demands but still needs to break ALL TIES with suppliers of palm oil from rainforest destruction. We need to turn up the pressure!
· Forward this email to 5 of your friends. They can email Nestlé’s international CEO and chairman by clicking here.
· Share the “Have a Break?” video on your facebook page or blog from here
With the help of you and your friends we will keep the pressure on Nestlé to change its ways. Until this happens, Indonesia’s rainforests, the climate and orang-utans remain under threat.
Thank you for taking action!
Valerie Phillips
Forest Campaign Team Leader
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