I’ve recently moved to Sydney after some time away. Before leaving I was definitely a ‘greenie’. I tried to emulate this in the UAE where I helped start a group called ‘Abu Dhabi Eco-Chicks’ with some friends. Being the UAE with a transient population, many of us left.

I am now the mother of two and trying to live by my principles, but have I gone soft?

I held a birthday party for my son on the weekend. Okay, so the most unsutainable thing was probably inviting the whole pre-school class, but for the sake of ‘inclusion’ and social resonsibility I invited all the kids and most came. In the end I resorted to party pies, sausage rolls, plastic plates and cups….which led me to think – how could I have done it differently?

I’m starting this blog, hoping to share some of my struggles and hoping to learn from others…

Follow me on the journey.